A Traditional Observance Lodge

A Traditional Observance Lodge

By Cliff Porter

An interesting book overall and a help for Masons who may be looking for something “more” in their Masonry. I read this book on the heals of reading “Observing The Craft” which was truly a thought provoking read and this book was recommended by brothers who share a curiosity about Traditional Observance Lodges. 

While interesting, the book was poorly edited and I was distracted by typos throughout. In some cases there were completely unfinished sentences and missing words.  Once I adapted to “corrective” reading, I was very interested in the writer’s story. He goes into some depth explaining his view of the advantages Traditional Observance Lodges (TOL) have over the “typical” lodge today.  He also explains and defines some of those things that differentiate a TOL from a typical lodge.

The writer does a very good job explaining how the TOL style works based on his personal experience and provides suggestions on ways to implement a TOL. 

I would recommend this book for Master Masons that have been a MM for some length of time, perhaps 5+ years.  Master Masons who have traveled extensively to other lodges, participated on degree teams, and who may have completed degrees in the York and Scottish Rites will find it easier to relate to the comparisons and definitions that Bro. Porter provides.

The book is available on Amazon.