American Indian Freemasonry

American Indian Freemasonry

By: Arthur Caswell Parker

Coming in at 36 pages, this book (almost a pamphlet) presents a fascinating discussion centered on a sacred ceremony of the Senecas. Because it is so short, there is not much I can say in a review of the book that won’t give it away so I’ll limit my comments to a couple observations.  First, for those wondering about the universality of our masonic esoteric “story”, you will likely be intrigued by the description of an ancient ceremony provided in the discussion.

Lastly, I would say this is not necessarily a book for a newly raised Master Mason. I believe the book will be most fully appreciated by a Master Mason that has participated several times on the degree team for the 3rd degree or at least attended and observed several conferrals. To understand the natural comparison the book provides, one needs to be able to recreate to some extend the 3rd degree in their mind as they read. They also should know and understand the symbolism purposes of the various floor movements and actions of the degree. 

A very good book that I do recommend; it is available on Amazon.

Review by Companion Bill Boyd