Royal Arch Matters

Royal Arch Matters

By Roy A. Wells

This is an excellent book which actually serves as a brief history lesson of Royal Arch Masonry. I say brief because it comes in at 46 pages but the author, Roy Wells, uses those 46 pages very effectively. The writing style is excellent and easy to follow and I used the term “history” because he provides a lot of factual information from the historic rituals and minutes from various Lodges, Chapters, and Grand Chapters.

I recommend this for those who have been Royal Arch Masons for at least a year and have had a frequent opportunity in that time to participate in the full-form ritual (degree work and open/close). Having a good background in the verbiage and floor work from today’s ritual will help the reader make the important comparisons to the work described in Mr. Wells’ book. With this background, today’s Royal Arch Mason will appreciate the nature of our constitutions and ritual when compared to historic forms.

Double thumbs up! Buy it and take it with you when you will have a few hours to pass. It is available online from Amazon or Google.

This review submitted by Companion Bill Boyd.