The History and Symbolism of Royal Arch Masonry

Royal Arch Symbolism

By Edward R. Graham

The History and Symbolism of Royal Arch Masonry is an excellent book that clearly explains the Royal Arch degrees (Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason), how they came about, their correct chronological order when integrated on a timeline with the Craft degrees, and the unique symbolism of each degree. The author also explains each degree from the historical and symbolic perspectives.  

My favorite two parts were the explanation of the actual chronology of the Craft and Capitular degrees if examined on an integrated timeline, and the explanation of the symbolism behind the colors of the veils and their corresponding banners. There is a lot of valuable information in this book and the author presents it in a very readable fashion. 

I also like the fact the author- Grand Historian of the Grand Chapter of Indiana Royal Arch Masons- utilizes meeting minutes and rituals to both tell and support his story.  The use of actual minutes adds tremendous value for the reader and provides insight into the working of craft and the rite(s) at historical moments. 

This is a good book for new Royal Arch Masons to read. I’d recommend it within the first year after being exalted a Royal Arch Mason to help them understand the historic significance of their R.A.M milestone. 

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This review submitted by Companion Bill Boyd.