The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Wigan Grand Lodge: The Last Masonic Rebellion

The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion

By: David Harrison

This is really an excellent book that looks at a moment in masonic history where the Antients and Moderns clashed. It is a short book, coming in at about 88 pages, but it is packed with interesting and useful information that will inform the York (Rite) Mason on the struggle to save and promulgate the Holy Royal Arch. 

Because the book is so short, I feel compelled to limit my description of the storyline so as not to give too much away. In short, the author tells of a rebellion by several lodges against the UGLE and in retaliation for perceived heavy-handed guidance and direction. The leaders of the rebellion re-activated the Wigand Grand Lodge in the Antient style in repudiation of the UGLE and the Moderns. This book delves into the actors and their actions and describes the reactivation and operation of the Wigand Grand Lodge. 

The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion is written in the style of a novel, but it is truly a documentary book  including sources and many photos of the various source documents and artifacts referenced throughout the storyline.  

I recommend this book for any Master Mason but I believe it will be of particular interest to Royal Arch Masons interested in the evolution and practice of Royal Arch Masonry (though that is only a small and subtle part of the storyline). I would recommend those considering this book have a basic understanding of the UGLE and its history- not necessarily in great detail, rather a general understanding of the role of the UGLE in masonic history. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and whole-heartedly recommend it. Some understanding of York Rite Freemasonry will add to the readers appreciation of the book. 

Review by Companion Bill Boyd

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